Cohorts ?

Explanation of Display

This graph displays ISAT performance levels - Exceeds Standards, Meets Standards, Below Standards, Academic Warning - for cohorts at this school. A cohort is a group of students who progress through the grade levels within the same school or district. To view a specific class of cohorts, click Select Options, then choose the cohort you wish to view by selecting the button next to that group. You may view a subgroup by clicking on the drop down menu box titled Select Subgroup. Once the selections have been made, click the green Apply button. The View Details check box adds the data in chart format. only. Note: When a subgroup has fewer than 10 students, the comparison data is not shown. This is done to protect student privacy. Mousing over any item in the color coded key beneath the graph, will change the display to only that single performance level. Mousing over any color in the graph will give you the exact percentage for that performance level.

This displays 2013-2014 data. PARCC assessment information for 2014-2015 will be posted as soon as it becomes available. To learn more about PARCC, visit


Most long term data shows a different group of students at a particular grade level each year. A cohort analysis follows the same group of students as they progress through the grades. Educators may use this data to understand trends or make adjustments to curriculum and other programming to promote student achievement.